Air Network Solution


Wireless Communications – From Protocol to Profit

Air Network Solutions is a technical consultancy that has been providing proven results in a wide range of wireless technologies since 2002. Our expertise includes WiFi, WiMAX, GSM, UMTS, VSATs and a variety of Satellite Telephony systems.

Our mission is to make our clients more competitive in the wireless technology industry.

We work with technology developers, service providers, network operators, software and hardware manufacturers, and investment companies. We help our clients understand the current and future wireless technology market, develop new product concepts and create prototypes, and bring products to market.

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We work with companies in the wireless industry to inform their decisions, evaluate their capabilities, understand their challenges and improve the products and services they bring to market. We offer our clients full-scope services: research and market analysis, technical reviews, system engineering, prototyping, product launch support, and more. read more



We understand the technical structure of wireless networks – 802, cellular and satellite – from baseband protocol to network performance and operations. This broad knowledge base is based on decades of experience with software and hardware development. We remain active participants in the generation of new wireless standards through ... read more